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This Woman Ask For An Advice After Her Boyfriend Caught Cheated

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Getting married to your longtime boyfriend or girlfriend seems a great new chapter of happiness. But, what happens if they cheated? Not only that, but it is also just one month before getting married. This woman shared her concern when she caught her fiance cheated over her.

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▼The story started with the woman shared about her love life

“This is probably the hardest time of my life now. I’m about to get married next month with my partner of 12 years…”

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▼This is where everything started to shatter

“Just found out he’ve been cheating on me with his colleague…”

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“Yes, she’s younger than me,more attractive than me…probably every man will fall for.”

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“What should i do now? Our preparations are already done, invitations are sent.”

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“Our house is also renovated and we’re going to move in soon.”

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“But why? Why did he do this? what should i do..If i tell my family, there’s gonna be a really huge drama with him and his family. My parents are the aggressive type.”

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Looks like he found a younger girl. Worst, it just a month away from their big day. Everything was perfect with the complete house and wedding preparations. She was hurt and don’t know what to do. Not only that, but she also concerned if her parents and his parents would fight over this matter if she tells them.

▼She couldn’t open up and heartbroken. She really needs help.

“I’m afraid of telling anyone. How should i face him? the heartache is real….”

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Netizens’ Responses

▼Some people said to follow her own heart and don’t be influenced by people



▼Communication is the key to a great relationship

▼Are you sure he cheat or it just another tactic to find a new guy? People can change, you never know.

So what do you think she should do?

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