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This Woman’s Writing On A Cake Soo Beautifully That It Almost Look It Made From Machine!

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As someone who has bad handwriting, we envy those have very beautiful handwriting. However, writing on a cake is much more challenging than on paper. This woman making people’s jaw dropped when they looked at her writing on a cake! Her post regarding her buttercream’s cake decoration garnered over 2K likes and 500 shares

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She shared the buttercream recipe for her cake writing decoration, which is very simple using easy ingredients where you can get in any cake ingredients store. This buttercream recipe also can be used to make flower decorations!

Credit: Facebook

▶100g cream well

▶100g shortening

▶50g icing sugar ( sifted )

▶Food coloring

How to make it? Well, here are the steps!

Step 1

Combine cream well, shortening and icing sugar in a bowl. Mix well.

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Step 2

Add the food colouring that you like and mix them until they are well incorporated.

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Step 3

Put all the cream in the piping bag.

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Step 4

Cut the tip of the piping bag a little bit

Credit: WikiHow

You are done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy~ Now you can write a message on your cake with delicious buttercream or decorate with any pattern that you like!

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▼Not only that but her other cakes are very beautiful as well! Look at this unicorn cake~

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▼These assorted cakes look scrumptious! But, that pink cake definitely steals the show~

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▼She even makes the Korean minimalistic cake! The pandan cake looks adorable~

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All of the netizens were in awe by her talent in writing neatly on the cake!

Netizens’ Responses

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Let’s try the recipe at home~Need to practice to make it pretty like the users!

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