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To See His Dead Grandson For The Last Time, A Grandfather Traveled 3000 KM By Motorcycle For The Funeral!

Photo credit to Facebook

The love between a family is very beautiful and the family will always be there for you no matter what happens. This Facebook user went viral after he garnered over 12K likes and 7K shares when he posted about this one heart-wrenching story.

Credit: Facebook

The story started with the Facebook user, stopping by at the Petrol station because he needs a bathroom break. That is when he saw this old man with an orange shabby motorcycle. He was very surprised that the grandpa was there because of how late it is. At first, he thought the old man was drunk. Then, he approached the old man and talk to him, he realized he was not drunk. That old man then told him, he was from Buriram. He was there because he went to his grandson’s funeral.

Credit: Facebook

It was then he learned the true story of the shabby old man. The old man came all the way from his village to see his grandson for the last time at the funeral by riding a motorcycle for 3000KM! It also was shared that his 15 years old grandson died after accidentally drowned.

Credit: Facebook

The grandpa doesn’t want to give a heavy burden to his family and decided to find any temporary lodging at the nearest temple or police station. But, he was unfamiliar with that place, so he ends up at the petrol station. The old man also only has 400 baht which is RM40.45.

Credit: Facebook

The user was so touched and decided to give some money and an amulet to the old man for a safe journey. The old man was teary and thanked him for his generosity. The old man kept contact with him after arriving back in his hometown.

Credit: Facebook

The netizens’ hearts were wrenched by this story and most of them commented on the Facebook post!

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Condolences to the grandpa and his family. Also what a great heart the Facebook user is!

Info via Facebook