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UK: “Face Mask” Found Inside Chicken McNuggets, Disgusting !

Photo Credit to BBC News | Mail

Chicken McNuggets is one of my favourite food in MacDonald’s, i think most kids love it too.. But a 6-year-old girl nearly choked by her “special” McNuggets.

Credit : MacDonald’s

The mother of the girl was surprised by the special ingredient in the chicken nugget which is a blue surgical mask. She managed to get the chicken nugget out of her daughter’s mouth and said: “It was a mask, it was absolutely baked into it”.

She had to put her finger in her daughter’s mouth to make her threw out, she saw something blue and it was sticky like a chewing gum. After pulling it out then only she figured out it was a surgical mask. It was disgusting!

Credit : BBC

She said they were lucky because she was sitting next to her daughter when she was eating her nuggets. She can’t imagine what if she was not with her.

She wants other parents to be aware too, adding: “Just because it says it’s a Happy Meal doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

According to BBC, McDonald’s said food safety is of the “utmost importance to us” and said the company places great emphasis on quality control, following “rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections”.

Credit : Daily Mail

A spokesperson said: “As soon as we were made aware of the issue we opened a full investigation with the relevant supplier, and have taken action to ensure any product from this batch is removed from restaurants.

“We would like to offer a full apology to the customer in question and understand they are currently in conversation with our customer services team.”