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UK Woman Dies After Inhaling Fumes From “Bleach+Toilet Cleaner” While Cleaning Toilet

Photo Credit to Daily Mail | Good Housekeeping

Leah Seymour, 34, died after suffering an asthma attack when she mixed bleach and toilet cleaner together while cleaning her toilet. Her mother was still in disbelief that her daughter was gone and urged everyone not to mixed bleach and other cleaning products.

Peter Seferi, the owner of the car wash she worked at told Daily Mail, he called her and said he will be reaching her house in 5 mins. Leah told him she will left the door open as she need to run upstairs to bleach the toilet.

Credit : Daily Mail

Peter reached in less than 5 mins, he said, “the smell was powerful, I could feel it in my chest. We went outside and we were talking like normal.”

Within minutes however, Leah was struggling to breathe and asked Peter to call an ambulance. When she collapsed, he started CPR with the guidance of an emergency call handler.

Credit : NZHerald

Leah was rushed to hospital and placed in an induced coma. She died 4 days later.

The fire service confirmed the two cleaners – bleach and another which may have been toilet cleaner – had reacted, producing a gas and triggering a severe asthma attack. They pleaded with others not to take a similar risk.