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Video: Man Removes His Front Car Bumper Everytime Before Driving Over Bumps to Avoid Scratches!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Have you ever seen the cars with lowered bumpers struggling to go over bumps on the road or up and down ramps at slope roads and shopping malls?

Credit: Pinterest

Drivers who lowered their car to give it a stylish look or to increase stability go really slow to get over the road bumps to avoid scratching on the front bumper of the car.

Credit: Quora

But this man has something different!

Recently, a netizen shared videos about hilarious way of avoiding his car front  bumper from getting scratched which went viral with more than 7K shares, 2K likes and 300 comments on Facebook.

In the caption on his post, he said that those who said it’s cool to have a lowered car bumper, it is a headache and he don’t know until when he will be able to go through that.

The man can be seen driving a black red car that looks like Hyundai Verna back to his home. Before entering the porch, he stopped his car in front of his house, got out of car, lifted up his front car hood and removed the front bumper out.

Credit: Facebook

After placing the bumper at the side of the road in front of his house, he gets in his car and drove into the porch.

Credit: Facebook

In the second video, he reversed his car out of his house porch. Before reversing his car out fully, he got out of his car and removed the front bumper. Then, after reversing his car out, he fixed the bumper back before leaving.

Credit: Facebook

It was funny how this man is patient enough to remove and fix back his car front bumper every single time when he leaved home and comes back home. Let’s not think of what he would do to get through road bumps.

▼ Surprisingly, he is NOT the only one who does this!~


Check out this man’s video removing his car front bumper!

But, let’s just appreciate the level of dedication this man has though! 

Info via: Facebook