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[Video]Zoo Negara Under Fire: Rats In Penguin Enclosure ?!

Photo Credit to China Press | The Star

Zoo Negara Malaysia recently came under fire after video showing rats inside the penguin enclosure been circulated in social media.

Facebook user, Lee Jun Hau uploaded a video and said he witnessed the incident about 5pm on Aug 10.

Credit: China Press

“I saw a number of small creatures scurrying around the penguin food tray, i thought they were baby penguin at first. But, when i took a closer look, i realized that they were rats, about 6 to 7 of them in total and they were eating food in the tray,” he told The Star.

“My heart breaks when i see the animals being mistreated like this,” he added.

Credit : The Star

Zoo Negara was contacted in response to the video of rats in a penguin enclosure. Deputy President, Mr. Rahmat Ahmat Lana thanked netizens for rising the issue and said problem have been taken care of.

“Our zoo is quite old. Sometimes there are rats and snakes that managed to make a hole and go in. We have already closed the one in the penguin enclosure.”

Credit : The Star

He also added this happens on and off, when they discovered them, they will patch up the holes, so the rats don’t go in anymore.

Zoo Negara also engaged pest control services but somehow rats are difficult to control. According to China Press, Zoo Negara even offer a RM 3 for the staff who managed to catch 1 rat.

Posted by 李骏豪 on Isnin, 10 Ogos 2020