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Wanna Beatbox In Just 3 Steps? Here’s How!

Photo Credit to Twitter

Beatboxing is something not everyone can do. I’m pretty sure you have tried to beatbox on your own at least once.

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Recently, a netizen posted a video on Twitter on the steps to beatbox easily that went viral with more than 39K likes and 29K retweets.

Are you excited to know how to beatbox in just 3 steps?!

Credit: Twitter

Here’s how!

1. Say “B”

Credit: Twitter

2. Say “T”

Credit: Twitter

3. Say “K”

Continuously say “BTK” slowly and speed up! You’re now beatboxing!

Credit: Twitter

What? That’s it?

YES! That is it!

β–Ό Netizens tried out these steps which sounds really good and they posted their videos of beatboxing asking if that is how to do it!

Check out the video of the 3 easy steps to beatbox!

Wow! Now you can also beatbox easily!

Info via: Twitter