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Want Your Business To Be Known? Here Some Easy Step To Create Location In Google Maps!

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It is hard to advertise your business when you just started. Some people opted to do flyers, media social advertisement, or even reviews! However, it is important to make sure your business shows on the map in case people are searching for your business. But, how you do it?

Credit: Forbes

Don’t stress and don’t worry, we got your back! Here are the steps that you will need to create a location for your business in Goggle Map!

Step 1

Make sure to download Goggle Maps and launch the application.

Step 2

Click on contribute to start adding the information.

Step 3

Click add place to add your business or any restaurants.

Step 4

Add your business information. Make sure to fill out everything with accuracy, okay? So, people will know more about your business.


And you are done!

However, if you need to edit or remove your business. It is also easy~ Just click back at the edit map!

Then, click other contributions or edits.

After that, just click on your business information.

When your business place pops up, just click on the settings.

Then, click suggest an edit.

Here you can choose to change or even remove your business!

Done~ Now, you will receive an email of your business from Goggle Maps!



Hopefully, this guide will help you a lot for making your business more known on the Internet! Now people can just use maps to search for restaurants and even know their business hours.

Info via Google Maps