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Woman Is Charged Owning Stolen Item, a Diamond Ring That Her Ex-Boyfriend Bought For Her

Photo credit to NYtimes | Oriental Daily


When they were in love, Miss H’s boyfriend gave her a diamond ring as a present. However, when the relationship turned sour, her boyfriend lodged a police report saying the diamond ring was stolen. Oh no.. love story with sad ending.

Miss H, a beautician, 31-year-old divorced with her ex-husband 7 years ago, now staying with her 10-year-old son. She knew this 45-year-old man with Dato’ title on March 2017.

Credit : NYtimes

2 months later, the Dato’ wooed her with a diamond ring and both of them started to stay in together. She told Oriental daily that was the beginning of her nightmare.

“When we were staying together, I was intimidated not to talk to someone else. He also drunk at home all the time and always borrows money from me. Even until now, he hasn’t paid me back RM10,000.”

“When I said I don’t have money for him, he suggested me to prostitute myself,” she said.

Credit : Sin Chew

She couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with him in Dec 2018. However, he always called to beg for reconciliation and said he will be going to Vietnam to develop his business.

On Aug 3, She decided to sell off the diamond ring for cash because she got some financial problems. The jewelry shop asked for the receipt of the ring, she does not have a receipt, so the jewelry shop needs her to pay RM800 and she agreed with it.

Credit : Oriental Daily

The jewelry shop found the item was a stolen item. On Aug 15, Police brought her back to the Police station for further investigation on a stolen item. Only she realized the diamond ring (0.86 carat) cost around RM 22,480 belong to the man’s sister.

Even after she explained the situation to the policemen but still she was charged owning a stolen item. If she is found guilty, the section provides for a maximum jail term of 5 years or fine or both.

Info via Oriental Daily