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Wondering How to Wash your Washing Machine? Here are the 3 Easy Steps to Wash It!

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Yes, Washing machine is one of most important electric appliance in our home. Have you ever thought of washing your washing machine?

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Many would think why do I even need to wash It? Well, washing machine will release bad odour from the dirty clothes that you put in. So, it is advisable to clean your washing machine at least 2 to 3 weeks once to make sure the clothes you put to wash is cleaner in the next wash.

Recently, a netizen shared his tips to clean the machine in three easy steps which went viral with more than 2000 likes and 1000 shares on Facebook.

If you notice, every time you wash the water in the washing machine, it’ll look colored and produces foam even though there is no soap in it. It is because of the leftover soap and dirt in the machine after every wash !! Yak….It’s pretty disgusting… 

Credit: Jane Ainslie

Before starting with the steps to wash, let’s see the ingredients you need to wash your washing machine. Well, all you need are just baking soda and vinegar only.

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Here’s the 3 easy steps to wash your washing machine.

Step 1: Add baking soda and vinegar.

Put half a cup of baking soda in the tub or drum and one cup of vinegar in the detergent section. Press the “clean tub” button or set for the longest wash period.

If your machine has the hot water button, then press the button and let the washing machine spin without any clothes in. Check the colour of the water regularly. After it finished washing, open the lid and leave for a while.

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Step 2: Second round. 

If you have Clorox bleach liquid for washing machines or the original Clorox bleach liquid, you can go for second round. Add half a cup of bleach liquid in the detergent section and wash with hot water or set for the shortest wash period.

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Two rounds of wash is already perfect!

Step 3: Wash the detergent section.

The detergent section or tray can usually be removed or unplugged. Wash thoroughly and rinse with Clorox bleach liquid. Wash the visible parts of the tray.

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And that’s it! Your washing is now clean as new!

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▼ Many have tried these easy cleaning steps and the best part is, it works!

▼ Other than the steps to get washing machine clean, netizen also cleared all the doubts asked in the comments section regarding these cleaning procedure!


Wash your washing machine regularly at least 2-3 weeks once so that your clothes are guaranteed to be clean.  

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