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Workers Ridiculed Themselves Having A Job For People Who Not Studying, This Mother Teaches Life Lesson for Her Son

Photo credit to Chinapress

There are some people who told their children that if they don’t work hard, they would end up having a labor job or homeless. Well, this mother shared a post on the Facebook where he met a group of men, working a labor job. But, what the mother said to her son is very shocking!

Credit: Brainchildmag

The story started when the woman and her son rode their motorcycle in the morning and saw the men working. They were painting a zebra crossing that time. The mother end up parking her motorcycle in a safe place because her son curious about them and want to learn more about them

Credit: ChinaPress

The son praised the men for their work. He told that it looks like a drawing and how neat the paint is. One of the men, then, told her son to study hard and not end up working like them. When she heard what he said, she immediately told her son that the men are very great. She also told her son to not look down at their work just because it looks very easy. The mother said to her son that it still requires professional skills and told the boy to learn his attitude from the men.


The construction worker told her that there is a teacher who came and told to their students that if they don’t do well, they will end up working as a construction worker. She told the men that she also a teacher and couldn’t say the same also respect the men’s work.


The workers thanked her for her words. When the mother and the son about to go home, the boy reminded the men to drink more water as the weather is hot. Even on the way home, the boy still praised the construction workers.

Credit: ChinaPress

The mother said in her post that she is sad to see them ridiculed themselves. She also hopes that by this encounter they will feel better of themselves and proud of their job. The post garnered a lot of views and people left a lot of comments, praising the mother for a good example.

Guys, never look down on other and always be thankful for people!

Info via Chinapress