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Your Car Window Broke Because Of The Lawn Mower Workers? Here’s How To Get Compensate!

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We all have seen some lawnmower workers, cutting the grass by the road, right?  There are high chances some of the small rocks might hit your cars. But, the worst-case scenario is if there is a big rock hit and broke your window, what should you do? Well, today we are going to share with you a tip that gained over 33K retweets and 29K likes on Twitter!

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If your car window broken by the lawnmower workers, first of all, when the incident happens, stay calm and drive to the roadside. Then, take the picture of the damage and the area as evidence.

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After that, you have to meet with the lawnmower. Get the full name of the worker and contractor company of the employee who made the lawnmower work.

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Once you get the name of the company, check with the company where is the car insurance panel workshop of the company involved? Make a police report within 24 hours. Then, bring the police report to the company’s insurance panel workshop to get a new mirror.

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The police report should state the name of the lawnmower (if there is a better IC), company name and address, date and time incident, as well as the name of the street and also the area where the incident occurred.

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Did you know that every roadside lawnmower has insurance? This is because the local authority makes it compulsory for any company that wants to join the tender for lawn moving must have insurances to avoid the event of an unwanted accident. Before the project can be carried out, the company must submit its insurance “Cover Note” to the local authority in advance as proof that the company has been covered by the insurance in the event of an accident.

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▼ A lot of people actually did it and get compensation!

▼ Well for people who are dramatic or people who are easily panic, they might panic no matter what you said~

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