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Your Fried Food Doesn’t Taste Good?! Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Frying Food!

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We all have those weak moments or ‘cheat days’ when we give into those sinful cravings on fried greasy, oily food items. Although these dishes tend to be high in calories, fat, salt and refined carbs, but we give in at times because of its delicious taste.

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But have you realized that there are mistakes you make when frying food that will automatically make the food taste different.

Credit: NY Times

Let’s see the common mistakes you probably do when you fry without realizing.

1. The temperature of the oil is too high

if you’re going to fry something, you have to make sure the oil temperature is right. For example, if you’re going to dry chicken, you have to make sure the temperature of the oil is between 162 to 198 degree Celcius.

The reason why the temperature of the oil shouldn’t be too high is because it will make the outer part of the food cook fast and make it dry. The inner part of the food won’t be able to cook properly.

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2. The temperature of oil is too low

The taste of the food will also be effected and make the food so oily when it is taken out of the pan if the temperature is too low.

The easiest way is using a thermometer when frying food to make sure the oil is in the right temperature.

Credit: South China Morning Post

3. Using the wrong oil

When you fry food that require a lot of oil (deep frying) like chicken and french fries, you have to avoid using oils such as olive oil and corn oil. Instead, use oils like peanut, coconut or palm oil as it gives your fried food a neutral taste and does not affect the taste of the food.

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4. Frying in large quantities

Sometimes, we often fry in large quantities to finish frying as fast as possible and to save our time which is very wrong. It is because, when the food is frying, it needs space to move in order to cook evenly in the inner part.

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5. Using used oil

Do not use oil that has been used two to three times when frying. Your food become more greasy and wouldn’t taste good if you use used oil. Also, using used oil can increase the risk of extra fat formation in the body which can lead of obesity.

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Avoid making these minor mistakes when you’re frying food and you would definitely feel the difference in the taste!

Info via: mStar