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13-Year-Old Thai Schoolboy Dies After 100 Squat Jumps, Punishment for Not Doing Homework

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A school in Thailand has apologized for the death of a 13-year-old boy after his teacher forced him to do 100 squat jumps as punishment for not doing his homework.

The boy fell ill on Aug 31 and was rushed to the hospital on Sep 2 before he returned to school on the following day, according to his uncle, Pramot Eiamsuksai, reported by The Nation.

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Upon returning to class, the boy’s teacher insisted he should be punished even though he had adequate reasons for not completing his assignments. He was forced to do 100 squat jumps.

The student became ill again on Sep 4, and his parents put him to bed early. Unfortunately, the boy did not wake up on the next day, and doctors believe he died in his sleep at around 3 am from cardiac malfunction.

Credit : The Nation

It is unclear on the boy’s health condition or his illness before he went back to school.

But the school had reached out to the boy’s family and apologized for what happened. They took responsibility for the tragedy.

One of the boy’s family member said,” We are angry, and we want this case to be an example for teachers who don’t think before punishing their students.”