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23-Year-Old Young Man Takes Care of Two Elderly People Who Are Not Blood Related To Him

Photo Credit to Sin Chew

We have heard news about children who don’t take care their own elderly parents forgetting their responsibility as a child and how their parents’ sacrifices for them.

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But,  Thinagaran, a 23-year-old young man, is now known for his kind heart for taking care of two elderly people who is not blood related to him despite struggling to survive with low income.

Credit: SinChew

Thinagaran is now taking care of his mother-in-law, Kamala, who is now 71 years old and an old Chinese neighbour of him, Yap Su Vun, who is now 87 years old by himself. These three are living in a rented room in a double-storey terrace house in Jalan Kubang Buaya, Kuantan for the past five months.

The young man is relying on a low paid construction job to survive for himself and the other two elderly, living a poor life in a room. Although their life is unstable at the moment, but the young man insists to take care of his mother-in-law and Chinese neighbour.

Credit: SinChew

The residents at the neighbourhood started making assumptions and gossiping the fact that these three people who are not related with blood live together in the same room.

But they didn’t take the words seriously or mind the gossip as they think their true intention is what matters.

“I know what I am doing and I am not afraid of other people’s gossip. He is like a brother to me” said the 71-years-old woman, Kamala.

Credit: Sin Chew

Thinagaran, his mother-in-law, Kamala and Yap Su Vun were neighbours since he was a child. The wooden house they lived was demolished made them to shift to Jalan Kubang Buaya.

Thinagaran and his sister who lost their father since they were a child, was taken care by Yap Su Vun. He said, Yap Su Vun taught him how to make crafts, ride a motorcycle and even drove him to school. He and his sister was treated well, just like his own children which is why Thinagaran insists to take care of the old man.

Yap Su Vun, who is from Kuantan, is not married and his two younger brothers have passed away. As he holds a red ID card, although he has tried to apply for citizenship, his application failed for assistance from the welfare as he has forgotten his parents’ names.

Since he has reached his eighties, he could no longer work to reduce the young man’s burden as his health is not as good as before. During his young days, he worked in construction sites and carpentry, and he could walk several kilometers a day.

Kamala who is in her seventies, could not support her son-in-law as she has her own health issues like asthma. She could only help by cooking at home.

Credit: Sin Chew

Thinagaran originally worked in a workshop. After a car accident which fractured his left foot four years ago, he couldn’t continue the work as the job requires him to bend his foot all the time. He had to find for a new job as a construction worker which pays only RM50 to RM60 per day from a RM2200 salary per month.

His income covers the monthly rent of RM400, utilities and food expenses of about RM100. Also, his mother-in-law still receives government welfare assistance of RM350 which helps them to keep going.

“If I don’t have enough money to cover the expenses this month, I will work where there is a job to get extra income”, the young man said.

Credit: Sin Chew

In this world full of selfish people who refuses to even take care of their parents, a big shoutout to this young man, who is taking care of two elderly despite of his financial struggles!

Info via: The Star | Sin Chew