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62-Year-Old Wanita Umno Chief Marries 28-Year-Old Businessman, Says” It’s Love at First Sight”

Photo credit to Sin Chew


The 62-year-old Jasin Wanita Umno chief Datuk Zaleha Bujang solemnized her marriage to a 28-year-old businessman who only wanted to be known as Ashraf on Sep 11 in Jasin.

“We are probably made for each other and our love bloomed since we met on the first day,” said the mother of 3 when contacted by The Star on Sep 13.

Credit : Sin Chew

Zaleha also added although Ashraf is only 28-year-old, but he is a very loving and responsible man. Thus, she decides to remarry.

According to Sin Chew, Ashraf told media that he is thankful to his wife for accepting his love despite their age gap, and he thanked God, even they been going through a lot of challenges which include objections from their family, at last, they managed to tie the knot.

Credit : Sin Chew

Zaleha lost her first husband 5 years ago when he passed away after an illness. Her 3 children aged 30 to 45-year-old initially opposed her marriage.

“I told them, I was feeling lonely and they finally agreed that I should remarry,” she said.

She said, for her age is not a problem as long as the two of them love each other. The couple is currently enjoying their honeymoon in Cameron Highland.

Wishing the both of them Happy Marriage!

Info via Sin Chew