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9-Year-Old Girl Gave MakCik Cleaner A Cute Appreciation Letter to Show Her Gratitude

Photo Credit to Twitter

Cleanliness is something we all appreciate, yet we rarely even realize the heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everything spick and span. Cleaning workers have a very labor-intensive and often thankless job. More often than not, the contributions of cleaners in Malaysia are often overlooked and underappreciated by society.

Credit: TODAYonline

Recently, a tweet about a 9-year-old who showed her gratitude to the makcik cleaner in her school by giving an appreciation letter went viral with more than 36K likes and 34K retweets on Twitter.

Abigail Tan who is only 9 years old, gave the makcik cleaner who cleans her school surrounding and washrooms a thank-you note with a cute drawing to show her appreciation for the makcik’s good work.

On the tweet posted by the makcik cleaner’s daughter, “My mother works as a cleaner in a SJKC school. But today, I felt really touched that a student made this for my mother. My mother’s work and effort is appreciated,”, she wrote.

Credit: Twitter

According to makcik cleaner’s daughter, the short note was wrote by the little girl’s elder sister who is in 5th grade which is why the English language is really good. But the cute drawing of the girl’s interactions with the aunt is drew by the 3rd grade little girl by herself.

In her note, “Makcik, you wash the bathroom so clean. You keep some water in the bin, went there were no water and you always mop the floor so clean that we can’t see the foot prints. You wash the toilet so clean that we can use goodly. I like our bathroom!”.

Credit: Twitter

▼ The makcik cleaner took a picture with the little girl in remembrance of the incident.

Credit: Twitter

▼ This is what they call a well-raised child who was taught how to respect and appreciate people no matter who they are or what they work as!~

No matter who you are, respect appreciate the cleaners if you happen to see them anywhere! This little girl is a huge example for the people out there!

Info via: Twitter