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A Dad Pick Up Thrown Away Teddy Bear To Give For His Child

Photo credit to Facebook

We know our mother sacrifices a lot for us but do we realize that our father also sacrifices a lot for us too? Sometimes we forget that our father also too. This Facebook post garnered over 1K likes and 600 shares after sharing a story about a father who picks up a thrown away teddy bear in order to give it for his daughter.

Credit: Facebook

The story started with the man who shared that he was driving to his office when he saw this man on a motorcycle at the traffic light. On his lap, there is a huge teddy bear. Curious, he rolled down his window and asked the man where he is bringing the big teddy bear to.

Credit: Facebook

Then, the man showed him and said that he found the teddy bear at his workplace in the trash area. The user asked the man whether the teddy bear is for his child and the man went silent. That is when he shared that his child wants a teddy bear after saw one at the shop but it is expensive. So when he saw the thrown away teddy bear, he was lucky as it stills good. The only thing he needed to do is to clean it and give it to his child. He hoped that his child would be happy.

Credit: Facebook

The user could feel the sadness in his voice. Suddenly, the traffic light turns green. So in the end, the user said to the man ” Be careful, man. It looks like it will rain. You are the best dad” Before both of them parted ways. He then remembered that despite some hardship that we have been gone through, some people went through much harder hardship than use. He hoped every man that carried responsibility will stay strong as they will be rewarded in the end. He also said that if they fill down to remember their family’s happy faces and not to give up.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of people were stunned by the post and commented on it!

Netizens’ Responses

▼People are tearing up while reading the long post

▼Sometimes we forget that dad also sacrifice a lot for us

▼A lot of people wants to give their help to the man in the picture

▼However, we have to be careful to pick up things being thrown away.. It’s not only supernatural things, it could be infested with insects or dangerous animals.

I would say he deserve the title for Dad of the year

Info via Facebook