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A Guy Cried When Officemate Give Him Iphone After He Couldn’t Afford Due To Poverty

Photo credit to Tiktok

Sometimes when we do good things, it would not only make us happy but others too. This TikTok,@bondanprasetyo02’s video of a person, giving a phone to his colleague makes us believe in humanity again.


▼In the video, it was shared that this guy worked as an office boy for 2 years at the TikTok user’s office. The guy worked hard and gives most of his money to his family in order to pay his siblings’ school fees and their food. 

Credit: TikTok

▼He also doesn’t have a phone and couldn’t contact his parents as frequently.Due to the heavy responsibility that he carried, he finds it difficult to raise money to buy and own a mobile phone.

Credit: TikTok

▼The TikTok user and his colleagues decided to surprise the guy with a gift, an iPhone, so the young man could communicate with his family.

Credit: TikTok

▼When he finished praying and was resting in the store, the user slowly surprised the young man who was resting at the time before handing over the iPhone branded mobile phone.

Credit: TikTok

▼The man cried when he opened the box that was gifted by his colleagues. The reaction showed how much the gift means for him and how grateful he is.

Credit: TikTok

It doesn’t matter a gift or just a simple smile, making other people happy is really great action!

Info via Tiktok