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A Malay Man Brought Food Every Day For A Stray Dog And It Is Such A Cute Sight!

Photo credit to Facebook

There are a lot of bad in this world but there are good things in this world too. Recently, a video of a man, presumably a Malay, brought food to a dog and it garnered over 1.5K likes and 1K likes. A lot of people were shocked by the interaction as many people known Muslims can’t have a dog as a pet. But, Muslim people are encouraged to help people including an animal that in need!

Credit: Facebook

In this 30 seconds video, the man could be seen exit the black car and in a second, the dog showed himself, excitedly.

Credit: Facebook

Not only that, the man and dog known each other for a while and very close because they even have their own handshake!

Credit: Facebook

The man put the food aside and the dog immediately tackled the food. It also noted from the video that the man brought food to the dog almost every day! On the post, it was also said that it’s great if people can have him as an example and learn from him.

Credit: Facebook

The netizen fall in love with the sight and a lot of them thanked also give their respect to the man for his good deeds!

Netizen’s Responses

Good things will always be rewarded! What a kind man~

Info via Facebook