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A Singaporean Man Praised This Malaysian Man’s Honesty After He Accidently Dented His Car!

Photo credit to Facebook  | confused


Have you ever had an accident where you are very scared to admit? One of them is usually scratched or dented to other people’s cars. There are some people who decided to escape the act and ran from the responsibility but there are also people who live with good integrity. This man garnered over 13K likes and 30K shares after sharing a story on Facebook of a Malaysian man who worked in Singapore being responsible after accidentally dented his car.



The story started with the user just ended his early morning breakfast meeting. As he walked back to the car, he found a small slip of paper on the windscreen. At first, he thought it was a ticket but then realized that it was a note to say someone dented his car. After inspecting his car, he found that hatchback was dented with soil on the bumper and around the dent.


The exchange is below. The user felt very encouraged by the man and respected the man for his integrity. He was also grateful for the man’s honesty and kindness.


They also shared they will meet each other because the user feels very grateful for the man.




They met with each other, turn out the man is name Shamul and he is a Malaysian working here in Singapore. He shared that his values were taught by his father and he genuinely believes in taking responsibility. And that doing good will always return to each of us somehow. They had mee rebus and have a talk that they will go to the repair shop that offered repairs at cost, to also honor those who repair cars. Shamsul is grateful to the many Singaporeans that reached out. Shamsul has offered to bring the user to his father’s nasi lemak stall when I’m in KL. He was very happy and excited to travel when the times come.
He shared that he shared despite a lot of people’s generosity, he leaves it at Shamsul because each person has their own standard. The user also shocked that the story went viral but most of all, he is glad to feel very encouraged to live like Syamsul.

A lot of people are very warmhearted by the sight and praised both of the men!

Netizen’s Responses

▼People were praising both of them for the very sweet gestures towards each other!

▼There is a lot of bad people in the world and it is not easy to find one who lives with a good moral compass!

▼A lot of people moved by the man’s honesty and integrity that most of them offer themselves to work!

▼People also reminded by an incident that makes them feel humanity is restored~

His family must be proud of him. This is such a cute life relationship~ Hope they would be friends for a long time

Info via Facebook