A Widow in S’pore Looking for Life Partner, Showing Bank Statement With Balance Amounting RM3.7Mil

Credit: Facebook | Freepik

A widow in Singapore is looking for a life partner or soulmate online, she didn’t lists down her preference BUT she uploaded her bank statement with available balance of SGD 1,217,052.04 which is about RM 3.7 Mil.. Jaw-dropping!

According to a post in a Facebook page ” Singapore Eye”, a lady in Singapore has a very CREATIVE way to look out for a life partner. She uploaded her bank statement with balance of RM 3.7 Mil and she said the money was from her late husband.

Credit : China Press

Her message is pretty straight forward, ” The million dollars in my bank account is from my late husband, i need a life partner. Those who are sincere and keen, please PM ( Private Message) me. Thank you”

A lot of netizens responded to her post, with some saying they are keen ( but not sure whether they are serious about it ).

While, some doubt the genuineness of the post and suspected it’s from some scammers.

Some netizens also wondered why she publicly showed her bank statement and disclosed all the personal information and said it’s a dangerous move.

#找老公 一名女子在脸书上传自己的银行户口的照片。图片显示她拥有百万新币。据了解,这些钱都是她死去老公留给她的,她现在希望能够找一个伴侣陪她度过一生。你们有兴趣吗?图源:Heartlanders

Posted by 新加坡眼 Singapore Eye on Isnin, 28 September 2020