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A Young Man Shared Skin Transformation In Just 8 Months!

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Taking care of the skin is not easy! Some people are blessed with skin that doesn’t even need to use anything but still flawless but some people also blessed with skin that required some high maintenance.

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This young man shared his struggled and how he managed to heal his acne-prone skin in 8 months!

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He shared that at first when it happens, he tried other products from a lot of other brands but in the end, it doesn’t work.

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After spending a lot of money on different skincare, he decided to meet a doctor at a private dermatology clinic. He spends almost RM200 on the first day and the doctor ends up referring him to a government hospital.

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Steps that you need to do before going to the government hospital are to go to any government clinic. Then have a check-up regarding your skin and ask for a referral letter by the doctor to a government hospital.


Then, if you have the letter, go straight to any government hospital that has a dermatologist to make an appointment. But if you are lazy to go, you can call and set a date to see a doctor at the hospital. He also said to make sure that you have a letter from the government health clinic otherwise, they would not care.

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He also shared the medicine he got from the hospital. First, it is a pill. He needs to eat it only once a day.

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He also got a cleanser. It should be used, once a day. But because of greed, he used it 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.

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After washing your face in the morning, he uses a gel on the stubborn acne pimples. He shared that girls can use a thin layer and put makeup on top of it!

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Lastly, before going to bed, he wears this cream after washing the face. But, to wear this cream, he was told by the doctor that the face cannot be exposed to direct light. So you have to make sure your room is dark.

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The result after the hard work is this! He also said that he still uses all the medicine except for the pills. Not only that, but he also said that it is better for you to meet up with a doctor instead of wasting your money on skincare products. This is because he was charged with the only RM5 for all the check-ups. Most of the medicines also can be taken at the hospital anytime if you used it all! But, before uses any of this medicine, please consult a dermatologist and get a prescription.

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Hopefully, this story can help you guys who are having a bad breakout!

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