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An Audi Crashed Into A River But Instead Of Reporting The Incident, The Driver Went Home To Sleep!

Photo credit to Oriental Daily | Freepik


Have you ever got into an accident? Most people’s reactions would be scared or panic but this guy is just too sleepy to deal with it. This man crashed his Audi in the river after he dozed off on the wheel. Instead of panicking, he went home to sleep without reporting it!

Credit: Oriental Daily

The incident happened at 5 a.m when the driver dozed off on the wheel which leads to the crash. However, the authorities received the report at 7:50 this morning by the eyewitness. They arrived at the scene at 8:02. Fire rescuers then launched rescue operations, but they have been unable to find the owner in the car.

Credit: Oriental Daily

However, they received information about the owner of the owner’s whereabouts and went to check on him at his residence. The owner told them that he was so sleepy that he wanted to sleep first and reported it after he woke up. After confirming that the owner of the car was safe and sound, the fire and rescue bureau ended the operation at 8:56 in the morning.

Credit: Oriental Daily

For the video, check it out here:

Guys, please sleep first before driving! It could lead to more dangerous consequences

Info via Oriental Daily