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At Least 100 Doctors Have Died in Indonesia Because of Covid-19

Photo credit to The Jakarta Post | BBC


According to the Indonesian Medical Association ( IDI), at least 100 doctors have died in Covid-19 and fatalities continue to mount.

IDI broke the news in a statement, which also included a list of names of health professionals who had succumbed to the contagious respiratory disease, according to The Jakarta Post.

Credit : The Jakarta Post

IDI Chairman also told the media, the most crucial thing, for now, is to ensure sufficient protective equipment for the health workers to prevent more deaths.

“Hospitals should issue a special policy that temporarily prohibits health personnel with underlying medical conditions and those who are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19 from working,” he said.

Credit : Berita Harian

Besides that, health professionals should also be required to regularly take polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests to ensure a safe working environment.

Furthermore, he also urged hospitals to create a work schedule in accordance with doctors’ physical health to prevent fatigue, which makes them more vulnerable to the deadly virus.

Credit : MOH

Indonesia is currently one of the badly affected neighboring countries with 184,268 infected cases and 7,750 cases reported death. Indonesia recorded higher cases in 24 hrs since July where 3,622 positive cases and 134 have died due to the deadly disease in a day, reported by Berita Harian.

Hang in there, people! The only thing we can do now is to adhere to given SOP, safe distancing, practice personal hygiene, and mask on in public places. #Staysafe #Kitajagakita

Info via The Jakarta Post