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Caught In The Act! A Snatcher Caught By An Officer In The Act After He Snatched A Lady’s Handbag!

Photo credit to Facebook

Justice serves at its best! This CCTV video went viral after it caught a lady being snatched by a thief. Not only that, but he was also being caught by the police just a minute later! The video on Facebook garnered over 1.8K likes and 15K  shares make the netizens clapped their hands in awe.

Credit: Facebook

The video started with a lady who is the victim. She was trying to cross the road when suddenly a man in a blue motorcycle came fast towards her and snatched her handbag.

Credit: Facebook

However, he lost his balance which he tumbled down his bike a bit. The lady tried to take back her handbag but deterred.

Credit: Facebook

However, fortunately, there was an MBJB officer at the site. The man comes charges toward and kicked the thief before tumbled down to stop him.

Credit: Facebook

A lot of passersby act really fast and help the police to subdue the robber.

Credit: Facebook

Not only that, the robber still wants to argue with the people who caught him. Eventually, he was taken away by the police officers.

The heroic and fast action of the person gained a lot of praise from the netizens.

Credit: Sinchew

Netizens’ Responses

▼People absolutely salute the man who kicks the thief down!


▼Hopefully, the officer is awarded!

▼If you did something wrong and caught for doing it, don’t dream of getting out of it!

▼Not only that but kudos to everyone who helped!

▼Ladies have to be extra careful nowadays because bad guys are everywhere!

That is what we call Karma!

Info via Sinchew