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Courier Company Compensates RM200 for Lost Parcels Worth RM1,500

Photo credit to stamps | Freepik

A Courier company lost an expensive parcel and only compensates RM200.

Ms. Leen, 37-year-old, an e-commerce merchant was sending out 2 parcels 2 months ago, but the parcels didn’t reach the receiver even after 1.5 months and after asking around only she learned, it’s not the first time the courier company losing a parcel.

Credit : China Press

She told China Press, that she sent out the parcels on Jul 23, those were skincare products worth RM1,500. However, it didn’t reach her customer.

She contacted the courier company and the reason given was they were short-handed. But she didn’t just stop there, she kept calling to get an update on her parcels whereabouts.

Credit : China Press

After 1.5 months only the courier company send her an email saying the parcels were declared as lost. Because they are unable to locate them anywhere in their HUB.

Credit : China Press

Ms. Leen said the terms & conditions upon sending a parcel with the said company also stated maximum claims for the lost parcel is RM200.

“Some of the e-commerce merchants also have a bad experience with the said courier company, ” she added. They suspected the staff theft the parcels and thus she also lodged a police report, so police can do a proper investigation on this matter.

Info via China Press