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Don’t Play Play! He Parks His Car in “That” Parking Spot, Unbelievable!

Photo credit to China Press

It’s not reserved parking but somehow I don’t think anyone will fight for “that” parking spot because he is the only ONE who can park in that spot!

Lately, a video on a gentleman who moved his car where he parked in a” special island” went viral. Netizens were amazed by this gentlemen parking skills.. what can I say, jaw-dropping!

Credit : China Press

I don’t think anyone except him will challenge this “special island” parking spot. However, he did it without a second thought, several times half of the tire was hanging in the air. I sweat a little by just looking at the video.

In the footage, the man basically spends around a minute to move his car from that particular challenging parallel parking spot, he can be seen talking on the phone too. After he moved his car, the passer-by who took the video also cheering for him.

Credit : China Press

However, we do not know when and where the video was taken.

Let’s check out his skills:

Info via China Press