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Education Is Important! Lady Shared How Hard To Find A Job Without Diploma!

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There is a time where we feel like we failed in our life and other people around us are striving well, especially in education. This story shared at a confession group in Facebook has garnered over 3K likes and 600 shares after the story of a lady in her early 20’s shared how hard it is to get a job when you don’t have a diploma.

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The story started with the lady, shared that she quit school early and started working when she was 16. At first, she feels very empowered because she already makes money and buys anything that she wants as she is working as a waitress while her friends are studying. But soon after her friends graduated from school, most of them got a job that pays higher. Envy with her friends, she quitted her job in order to find another one with high payment.

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During the process, she realized that it is hard to get a job without any academic certification. With her, lacking the ability of Bahasa Melayu and English also makes it harder for her to land a job outside of working in sales. But, she keeps positive that working hard would help.

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She got her first job after 2 weeks of hunting but she was fired, quickly. The salary she received was only RM1,000. Her parents then advised her to get some skills, so she decided to work at a salon, where she worked there for a year. She was only got paid RM900 a month and there is also no payment for overtime or bonus. When she asked to increase her salary, they told her that she has no foundation or diploma, which resulted in her quitting.

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Then, she decided to test her luck with some savings by working in Singapore. While in Singapore, she only got a job at a hawker’s stall as she doesn’t have any high education. She was forced to go back to Malaysia as the tax is high and she couldn’t do a heavy labor job.

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After that, she gets a job in customer service with the help of her friends. In the job, she works 10 hours, unlike the other employee who works for 8 hours. Even though, she feels like she’s being taken advantage of the job but she was grateful because she could learn a lot. Not only to mention, but her work is also very easy as she only needs to sit in the office, answering phones. But, once again, she got bad news as she was fired by the company. The company doesn’t employ workers without a diploma and they employ her because there was a shortage.


She tried to be strong but when she comes home, she cried. After the event, she starts working at a hotel. The manager has pride in her and she was recommended to the position of assistant manager after working for a year. However, just a month or working, her boss demoted her because she has no education or qualification. Worse, her manager also being scolded for promoting her and she becomes a laughing stock for having the shortest-serving assistant manager. Every night, she cried hard.

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She told that to never underestimate the value of the education certifications. Because it can benefit a person not only in jobs but also in paying taxes. She hoped that her sharing could stop more people from taking the same path that she did.

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Netizen’s Responses

▼Some people agree that education is very important for you to pursue a better career 

▼Instead, crying, prove yourself, and find other initiatives!

▼Not every student that has a diploma can find a job, it is just a matter of luck!

▼There are some people who are willing to help her with her resume or giving her the work!

▼Education these days is so easy! The only thing is the will to learn~

After every rain, there will always a rainbow. Same with life, every bad thing will end up with good things!

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