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Elderly Man Doesn’t Want To Waste Food and Eats The Mooncake That Expired For 10 Years

Photo credit to Sin Chew

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, a 90-year-old elderly man found a box of mooncakes in his house. The date stamped on the plastic packaging showed the year 2010. However, the elderly man did not found it moldy or spoiled. Not to waste food, he steamed it and while he was halfway eating only his son realized and stopped him from eating a mooncake that was 10 years expired.

According to Sin Chew, the elderly man’s son Mr. Chou said his father moved to a new apartment with him in 2010. However, he still going back to the old house, reminiscing the good old days. Thus, all the furniture and things have remained the same before he moved out.

Credit : Sin Chew

Early September of this year, while Mr. Chou’s dad was in his old house cleaning up things. He found a box of mooncakes in a gift bag. He opened it, only 2 pieces of mooncake left in the box. The mooncake looked normal from outside, and no odd smell. He did not want to waste food. Thus, he steamed the mooncake and ate it.

Then only Mr. chou realized the mooncake was 10 years expired and immediately stopped his dad from eating.

Credit : Sin Chew

Looking at the packaging only he realized the manufacturing date was Aug 30, 2010. But the mooncake looked just fine as good as the fresh one. He then found another mooncake which manufacturing date showed Sep 1, 2017, which is 3 years expired, the mooncake also look good.

Why the mooncake never turned bad? Is it the preservatives that make the mooncake last so long? According to the expert, preservatives are not the reason. The emulsification process during production could be the main reason.

Credit : Lifestyle Asia

If the surface of the mooncake contains less than 3 % of water, then the surface will be like coated a “membrane” where all the fungus and mold will not be able to survive on the surface. Of course, the environment needs to be dry.

However, experts urged consumers not to consume food products that lapsed expiry dates even though the food probably still looks good.

Info via Sin Chew