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Fatal Lift Accident: Lift Doors Open Without Lift Being There, Man Falls to Death

Photo Credit to China Press

The lift doors opened without the lift being there. A man fell to his death down a lift shaft from 12th floor.

The horrific incident happened when an Indian Muslim, 50-year-old believed to wait for a lift at 12th floor. The lift doors opened and thinking the lift had arrived, he entered inside and fell.

Credit : China Press

As a result, he fell in the lift shaft from 12th floor to 1st floor on top of the lift where it stopped. The man died on the spot.

This rare accident happened on Sep 2 ( Wed) around 1pm in one of the public housing project (PPR), block 68 in Cheras. Police spoke person said the victim was staying in another block and will always visit her sister at block 66, but they have not idea why he went to block 68.

Credit : China Press

The residents of that block told China Press, ” Both of the lifts always have technical problems.” and an angry resident even said basically the lift broke down every 20 minutes.

Credit : China Press

Other said, ” When the accident happened, one lift was down under repairing. Couldn’t believe the another lift where the victim took also got problem.”

The management of the PPR just had a discussion changing total of 18 units of lifts in 9 blocks of that particular PPR on Sep 1 and sadly, the next day the accident happened.