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First Time At Subway? Here’s Some Tips Will Make Your Subway Experience Great!

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Subway is a fast food place for people who love sandwiches! However, for the first-timer, you might get overwhelmed by a large variety of choices that you can choose. Well, today, we are gonna help you breakdown somethings for you in order for you to enjoy your experience at Subway and order like a pro~

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We start with the bread station. You can ask for a 6 inch or a foot long. There are also 4 types of bread, a Hearty Italian, Wheat, Honey Oat, Italian, Parmesan Oregano, and Wrap. If you want a whole grain choice, you can ask for wheat or honey oat. Honey oat is not sweet despite have honey and for Parmesan oregano, it has herbs and cheese. If you choose, hearty Italian you can But, you request triple toast. It is very crunchy and it would not turn soggy if you put a lot of sauces on it!

For the menu, they are a lot! Chicken Slice is good for people who are on a diet because it has few calories. For a different taste of chicken, you can try turkey!

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For people who love a burger, roasted chicken might be your choice.

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Meatball marinara is very delicious because of the sauce but it could be very messy while making it and also eating it. Chicken teriyaki is sweet and salty which also why it is very popular among people. If you not into sweet, might ask a little bit of heat in it!

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For someone who loves tuna, you might take tuna but sometimes, you might get bored a bit because it has a lot of mayonnaise.

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Steak and cheese is the classic one if you love beef!

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Subway melt is actually a combination of the chicken slice, turkey, and beef strip. The reason why I like this sub is that its meat (beef strip) is delicious.

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As for veggies, you can ask for extra. You will not be charge except for meat like chicken, beef or tuna, you will charged extra for it!

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There are also a lot of sauces but please be reminded not to go crazy with it. Otherwise, your sandwich would be soggy and it would not be good. Mayonnaise is not like the local one that tastes sweet.BBQ has a slightly charred taste and Thousand Island have a sweet taste. Honey Mustard is a sweet and greasy type, Sweet Onion tastes sweet and kinda a unique aftertaste. Ranch dressing still tastes like mayonnaise, but sour. Chipotle is also a spicy sauce. However, some people think mustard is cheese sauce. It is not cheese sauces and it tastes almost like turmeric.

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After done crafting your sandwich, you can order sides. A lot of people don’t know but Subway also has mushroom soup. It is such a good pairing with the sandwich~

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Other side is chips! They have potato chips as a side too!

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But, the best sides that you can get at Subway is their cookies! They have oatmeal raisin, chocolate, double chocolate, and white chocolate macadamia~ However, do understand that Subway cookies are not a crunchy type of cookie but it is more a chewy style of cookies! So, if you are more of a crunch cookie- kind of person, it is better to avoid it!

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Well, I hope you guys learn something and get to enjoy a great experience at Subway! Their cookies are delicious~

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