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Here Are What You Need To Know About Applying For A Job Via Email

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We currently living in a world where e-mail is important for work. Even, to apply for a job, we can use just send an email for an application. But, a lot of people don’t know how the right way to apply for a job via email. This Twitter user garnered over 11K retweets and 26K likes for giving very simple tips and examples on how to apply for a job via email!

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1. Use professional email for applying for a job or any works related

When you are sending your email, please use a professional and serious email. For example, nurulaishah@gmail or naim_ahmad@gmail instead of mimicutegirl@gmail or iamjoker@gmail.By using more professional email, the company might view you as a much more serious and mature person.

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2. Write the subject of the job application email correctly

In the email, we have the subject, right? What most people do wrong is they let the subject in the email blank or wrote something unrelated to the content of the email. If you are writing an email for a company, you should put your position that you are applying on the subject. For example, “Job Application For Sales Manager Position”. This will help make the company identify the purpose of the email sent to them and making sure that they read it.

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3. Prepare resume in PDF

If you are sending a resume or more documents, make sure that it is in PDF form. Not only that, please label each document with necessary details such as nadiahresume.pdf or amircertificate.pdf. This will help the company to distinguish your documents easily and view them without any problem.

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4. Check the file if it can be accessed or not

Before sending your file, please check if your file is accessible. Sometimes, you might send wrong documents or even worse, a blank one. So, it is much better to double-check it. You also can leave your information such as contact or emails, in case if your file couldn’t be accessed even though you already check it beforehand.

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5. Make an interesting cover letter to apply for a job

Even though applying for a job using email is much easy and simple, we need to give more care in our application. Do not leave out

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6. Use formal and polite languageĀ 

When writing an email, please use formal and polite language, Avoid using short form because some people might use short-form differently and it could cause confusion.

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7. Check spelling before sending to the company

This is very important! Check your spelling, format, and even your grammar before sending your email or documents. This will make your company have a good impression of you.

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8. Make it short and simple

Instead of writing a long email, you should write it more short and simple. Pack it up with necessary information and avoid writing unnecessary things that unrelated to the job scope or position.

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9. Don’t be lazy and send emails one by one if you applying to a lot of companies at the same time.

If you are sending emails to a lot of companies, please invest your time and sending them separately. Even though you are applying for the same job scope or position, please be reminded that the info of each job will be different from each other and do not apply all in one email.

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Hopefully, this will help all of you in applying for your job or even for internship! Good luck~

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