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Indian Minister’s Shocking Claim ” Born in Cow Dung, Covid Can’t Come Near Me” Goes Viral!

From injecting disinfectant, drinking alcohol and detergent, politicians of all hues have come up with their own version of Covid-19 “cures”, without any scientific basis.

The latest to join the list is Indian minister Imarti Devi, who recently said that she cannot be infected with Covid-19 because she was born in cow dung and mud, reported by Oriental Daily.

Credit : Indian Express

And of course, her bizarre claim went viral on several media platforms.

In a viral clip, Devi can be seen telling reporters how wrongly it was reported by the media that she had tested positive for Covid-19.

Credit : Asianet Newsable

“Only you were there and you said that I have coronavirus. I was born in mud and cow dung. There are so many germs there that coronavirus will not come anywhere near me, ” she said.

She also added she was forced to wear a face mask.