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Indonesia Punished COVID-19 Violators By Making Them Lay In A Coffin!

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Indonesia authorities made headlines when they decided to punish people who violate the regulations and rule to curb COVID-19 by making them lay in a coffin!

However, it was announced that The East Jakarta Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) will stop to implement the punishment of lying in the coffin for the COVI-19 rules and regulation violators.

Credit: Facebook

It is because the punishment is not in line with gubernatorial regulations that specify the punishments for strict health protocols violaters. According to the gubernatorial regulations No.79/2020, the penalty for people who found not wearing a mask in public is fines and community services. The officers who implemented the fake coffin punishment were also being reprimanded.

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The official said the punishment was spontaneously made and introduced as an alternative to community service. Instead of paying the fines of RP250,000 or 60-minute community services of sweeping the roads, people rather choose to go into the coffin. It was also being said that some people choose the coffin because they don’t have time to do community services or they don’t have money.

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Now, the violaters will still be paying fines or do community services for their punishment instead of laying in the coffin. It was hoped that the punishment will discourage people from breaking the rules and regulations to curb the spread for COVID-19.

Credit: Facebook

Would you dare lay in the coffin?

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