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Japanese Husband Asks Why The Wife Lists Down His Good Deeds, Wife Says” So, I Won’t Kill You One Day”

Photo credit to Parenting  | shoutmeloud

I think some married women probably will resonate well with this one. 

According to SoraNews24, a Japanese man shared on his Twitter that he had noticed his wife had taken a note on things that he made her thankful, including buying his wife some tea, spending a long time carrying and playing with their 3-year-old daughter.

Credit : Parenting

Twitter user @P_chan_papa said still, he couldn’t help wondering why his wife had such a sweet thought to put down a note of his act of kindness.

“How come you started doing this?” he asked, to which his wife responded with a evil smile and the answer:

“So that I won’t kill you some day.”

Somehow, his wife listed his good deeds not because want to thanked him wholeheartedly, but “as a reference to look back when he’s getting on her nerves or make her angry, in order to remind herself that he’s not that bad at all and still deserve to live.”

Credit: Soranews24

The tweet garnered 236.5k responses and closed to 50k tweeting about this. Some comments including:

“So you’ve given your wife so much stress that she’s ready to end your life, huh?”
“Marriage is terrifying.”
“This just convinces me I should never get married.”
“If she has to write down the little things you do for her, it sounds like you’re not doing any big things.”
“Sounds like you need to start making more of an effort if you don’t want to be killed.”

Credit: Focusonthefamily

In his replies, @P_chan_papa admits that marriage can be terrifying, but he also says that he finds married life with his wife to be “incredibly fun.”

He even praised his wife intention on good deeds list, saying “She’s the coolest. Making the effort not to kill your husband is really important.”

He also said he wholeheartedly agreed with one commenter who said “Your wife sounds like a positive, grateful person with a great sense of dark humour.”

Info via Twitter