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Job in S’pore Offers RM9,000 Salary, Employer Sighs “Young Talents Not Hungry For Job”

Photo Credit to Toronto School of Management | Bowen Eldridge

A SME employer sharing his experience of interviewing 7 young talents for a job opening lately. But, these young talents are very demanding which make him felt like an employer that interviewed by his talents instead.

According to China Press, the employer, known as Mr.Lim posted on Facebook saying that he had a job opening with monthly salary SGD 3,000 ( RM 9,000) and 14 days annual leave. He interviewed 7 potential employees. They are all Singaporean.

Credit : Inc Magazine

According to him, talent A said he can’t work on weekend. But the job required them to work on weekend sometimes. Mr.Lim told Talent A there will be off day replacement if they work on weekend. But Talent A demanded employer to pay OT on weekend and told him it’s Law.

Talent B said she is staying too far from the working place and demanded for transport allowances or else she will not consider the job.

Talent C said his previous salary was SGD 6,000 and was asking for the same amount of money.

Credit : The week

Talent D asked for a team of junior staff to assist him, because he do have assistants in his previous company. When Mr. Lim told him the company can’t afford to hire so many people. He said “Thanks for your time, i will give it a pass.”

Talent E asked for 21 days annual leave because her previous company offered her 21 days annual leave. When Mr. Lim told her, he can’t offered her 21 days annual leave but the successful candidate can take unpaid leave. Then she said she will reconsider the job.

Talent F demanded for a higher salary, after some discussion the company decided to pay her SGD 3,600 but then she was asking for 1 week notice for termination with a reason,” I will work on the job temporarily while waiting for a better job opportunity.”

Credit : China Press

Mr.Lim sighed saying now is economic crisis and pandemic, but the young talents are not hungry for a job. Many are not willing to be humble and not willing to suffer. They prefer to work smart than hard unlike our older generation.