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Klang Valley Folks Mad With MKN Messages Reminding Us to Wash Hand Frequently, Says ” No Water, How to Wash Hand?”

Photo Credit to Sin Chew | Balkan Plumbing

“How to wash hand frequently, when there is no water?”

There is an unscheduled water cuts in Klang Valley with more than 1,200 areas affected due to odour pollution in Sungai Selangor. Air Selangor did not give an exact date when can the water resume but said they need at least 4 days.

Credit: RedChili21 MY

It was a huge inconvenience for the affected household especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When Klang Valley folks were deeply disappointed with Air Selangor services. National Security Council ( MKN) were sending reminder twice (today) to urge citizens to wash hand frequently with soap to curb the spread for Covid-19.

Credit : Sin Chew

But, the reminder just didn’t came in the right timing.

According to Sin Chew, temper are flaring online and netizens took it to social media and ask MKN stop sending SMS ,” No water, how to wash hand?”

Other commenter said 4 days water cuts is not acceptable. Water tanker doesn’t help and the commenter hope our service provider to think of solution.