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Little Boy Performs In Mascot Costumes to Help His Mother Without Complaining

Photo Credit to Instagram

Nowadays, most of the children are pampered and are given whatever they ask for from their parents. Some children demand constant attention and will not take “no” for an answer. They live a comfortable and easy life without knowing there are still children out there who are suffering.

Credit: Today’s Parent

Recently, a netizen’s post about the story behind the boy who performs in mascot costumes and clown makeups on the street to help his mother went viral with more than 7K views and 100 comments on Instagram.

In the netizen’s post, he wrote, the little boy whose name is Rehan has to get up early everyday so that his performances can be witnessed by the office workers and residents around the Gatot Subroto roads.

Rehan’s street performances are considered a distraction and effective way to get rid of the exhaustion of life in the middle of the crowded Gatot Subroto roads.

However, there were some important aspects that didn’t cross their minds.

Majority people who stop to watch Rehan’s performances do not actually know that the person behind the mascot costume and clown makeup is just a kid.

Credit: Instagram

According to Rehan, his decision to become a street performer was to afford and fulfill his daily needs. The little boy’s mother only earns enough money to pay rent. If there is extra income, it will be kept aside for his school fees.

“The money is good. I can buy takeaway rice to bring back home”, said Rehan.

Rehan also does little dances in order to attract the people’s attention.

Rehan shared that his costumes and mascots will be changed everyday. The costume provider provides various selection of mascot costumes that resembles many cartoon characters, from Dora the Explorer, Upin and Ipin, to Spongebob Squarepants.

“I rent the mascot costumes but my mother pays for it,” Rehan said.

Credit: Instagram

Rehan leaves the house early in the morning everyday, before the break of dawn to start with his street performances. He finishes his performances in the morning so that he has time to play football in the afternoon.

“After the evening prayer, I usually go back straight home with my mother after finish cleaning the Alfamart yard jl. Gatot Subroto,” said Rehan.

When he was asked whether he is happy with his current part-time profession, Rehan said that he is completely happy and comfortable to help his mother to earn extra money. Nevertheless, he also did not deny that sometimes he feels tired as he has to walk 10km from his house to set up his performances.

This little boy’s situation teaches each one of us that we should be thankful for what we have without complaining. 

Info via: Instagram