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Lost in Love: Believing UK Lover “Arrives” But Arrested in the Airport, Malaysian Woman Live Streaming to Ask For Help

Photo credit to China Press  | The Star

” Please help him, he is arrested in the Airport, he is going to die soon.”

Malaysian Woman was suspected of falling hard with the online love scammer, using Facebook to live stream and ask netizens for help. It was learned that she is waiting for her lover from the UK that travel all the way to Malaysia to meet her, but somehow he was arrested at the airport.

Credit : China Press

Her video went viral in social media, she can be seen sobbing while asking netizens for help to rescue her ” friend” and added that her friend was arrested and haven’t come out yet.

She can be heard saying if no one rescues him, he will die.

She is still in the airport when China Press contacted her, she told the reporter that her friend was coming all the way from UK to look for her. But he is currently detained by the immigration officer.

Credit : The Star

She knew the “friend” for quite some time and begging the reporter to rescue her friend.  A moment later, she said,” I can’t talk to you now, I need to rescue him now,” and the conversation ended.

Most netizens thought it’s a love scam and advised her to lodge a police report as soon as possible.

Info via China Press