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Lost in Love[Part 2]: Photoshopped ? Netizens Question Over Malaysian Woman’s Lover Selfie in KLIA

Malaysian Woman is still in disbelief of her so called boyfriend, named Henry is a love scammer.

She said Henry is Asian with UK nationality. They knew each other since 6 months ago. They are into a serious relationship. She denied sending him any money the past 6 months.

Credit : China Press

She insisted it’s not a scam. Only when he arrived in KLIA and the immigration officers detained him and he is asking a few thousand ( in Ringgit i supposed) as a procedure fees.

“I told him not to come here to look for me and he insists to come over, and now things happened,” she said.

Credit : China Press

She told China Press, she is from Johor Bahru (JB), driving all alone since 7am from JB to KLIA, travelling more than 300km to pick up her love one, and couldn’t see him until now. The incident was alerted by the KLIA police and after much findings, they realised there isn’t any flight scheduled from UK these 2 days and asked her to go home.

Still in disbelief, she uploaded Henry’s selfie in KLIA to proof that he is a real life character and ask netizens to send her money and rescue Henry. However, eagle-eyed netizens accusing “Henry “digitally manipulating the photo.

Credit : China Press

One netizen pointed the photo of Henry was took in a Brazil airport. The scammer edited a Malaysia Airlines logo on the signboard.

Some netizens also commenting, “it’s a must to wear mask in public places, why those people in the airport are not wearing mask? ”

Other said,” no matter how i look at it, it still look very much like a ” photoshopped” picture, have you ever video call him?”

She ignored those allegation and replied, ” My friend can’t leave the airport. please help! Any one transfer me the money? I want to lodge a police report.” She then added, he haven’t came out until now, maybe already died in the airport and can’t go home forever.

A netizen also asked her did the police found her friend and she replied,” no , the police said Henry doesn’t exist but he is already here in Malaysia coming all the way from UK”

Despite plenty of stories about online love scams in the media, sadly some victims are still unaware of the usual tactics used by fraudsters. Please perform background checks on the online companions when necessary. Some victims could have avoided getting duped if they had  remembered to Google first.