Malaysian Actress Scha Elinnea Bashed by Keyboard Warriors for Dressing “Too Sexily”, Says” I Just Want To Be Myself!”

Photo Credit to Instagram

There were some netizens outraged over photo of Malay actress, Scha Elinnea with bikini that she posted on social media. But, she said, “I just want to be myself! Why do i need to let others decide how i dress up?”

21-year-old Scha Elinnea rose to fame since filming drama series “Mr Grey”, follow by lead role in ” Voice note” and ” Tuan Danial”. She always share her photo in sexy clothing in her Instagram (IG) with fans, however some netizens commented that the sexy clothing is the root cause for rape cases.

She don’t agreed with it and told mstar,”Honestly, I don’t believe that dressing sexily will lead to rape.

“This kind of thing should be on the aggressor because there are rape cases involving women who cover themselves up completely too.