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Malaysian Illustrator Make Alien Huang ” Xiao Gui” Dreams Come True, Fans Burst Into Tears

Photo credit to IG/Autumn Ying | TodayOnline

Alien Huang, also known as ” Xiao Gui” to many fans passed away on Sep 16 due to aortic dissection, at the age of 36. Haven’t been awarded Golden Bell Best Variety show probably the biggest regret in his life.

Credit : TodayOnline

Autumn Ying, a Malaysian Illustrator from Johor Bahru fulfilled Xiao Gui’s Dream with her talent. She uploaded a few of her artwork in IG and make Xiao Gui’s fans burst into tears.

Check out the beautiful caption and artwork from Autumn:

▼ Some souls are too beautiful for this world. And so they leave 💔

A golden bell award for you that already become an angel in heaven.

▼”Smiles and tears.
Giggles and laughs.
Late-night calls
And memorable photographs.
I will carry you with me
Till’ I see you someday again
In the clouds.”

Xiao Gui with his secondary school besties, which includes Rainie Yang and Tiffany Ann Hsu,

▼”I know a heaven is a beautiful place. Because they’ve got you.”

Godfrey Gao and Xiao Gui, both played in a role in ” The Kid from Heaven”. Godfrey passed away the end of last year when filming a variety show in China. We believe both of them might be meeting each other in heaven. Probably celebrating a birthday for Godfrey tomorrow?

▼”The saddest moment is when the person who gave you the best memories, becomes a memory.”

Jacky Wu and Kid, who co-hosted “Mr. Player” with Xiao Gui.

Info via IG/Autumn Ying