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Malaysians likely Getting Vaccine In End of 2021

Photo Credit to The Star | Malaysiakini

Many Malaysians including me will think Covid-19 vaccine will be available to us before the end of the year. Since we heard news about vaccine will be available  soon in some of the countries.

However, our health experts believe the vaccine will only be ready in 2021.

Credit : Malaysiakini

According to The Star, Universiti Malaya virologist Prof Dr Sazaly Abu Bakar said the chances of Malaysians getting a Covid-19 vaccine would be at the end of next year.

“As far as priority is concerned, all manufacturers would favour their own country while the rich and developed nations have already purchased large amounts for their citizens.

“Since we don’t have the money to buy (the vaccine) and we are not manufacturing it, we are basically among the last in the pecking order,” he said yesterday.

Credit : ScienceAlert

Dr Sazaly said the government needs to improve its vaccine diplomacy with the manufacturers and other countries by offering Malaysia as the location to produce the vaccine.

He also said Malaysia faces a dilemma in purchasing the vaccines upfront as there were no guarantees it would work and whether there would be a refund if it doesn’t.

“The country should continue what it has been doing best to ensure that there is no uncontrolled spread of the virus,” he said.

Credit: Buro247

Looking at the uncertainty ahead, before vaccine is ready and proof to be work, the best is for all of us adhere to the given SOP, safe distancing, practise personal hygiene and mask on all the time. #Staysafe#kitajagakita