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Man Gave First-Aid to Motorcyclists Who Crashed His Car Instead of Scolding Them!

Photo Credit to Facebook

Usually, people tend to get angry during an accident if their vehicle happened to be the ‘victim’.

Credit: Holt Lloyd

But not in this case!

Recently, on 1st September 2020, a netizen shared a post about a man who gave first-aid for the motorcyclists who were injured after crashing into his car instead of getting angry on them.

The generous man who gave first-aid for the motorcyclists is an officer from the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (MCDF), Kuala Lumpur, Lieutenant Hishamuddin Salleh, who was on his way to work when his car was suddenly hit from the back.

Credit: Facebook

Instead of getting angry with the two motorcyclists who crashed into his car, he decided to help them.

Without thinking twice, Hishamuddin, who is also a volunteer firefighter from FGV Kuala Lumpur, quickly stopped his car by the roadside and got down to help the motorcyclists with their injuries. He grabbed paramedic equipment from the boot of his car and gave first-aid to them.

“He (Hishamuddin) parked the car by the roadside and put his car signal in emergency mode”, said netizen in his post.

Credit: Facebook

After the first-aid treatment and making sure that the motorcyclists are okay to bring themselves to the clinic on their own, Hishamuddin sent them on their way for further medical assistance.

“Congratulations Hisham Salleh. You are real hero to me. I salute you,” said the netizen at the end of his post.

Credit: Facebook

▼ The inspiring story and Hishamuddin’s act praised by the netizens for his generosity by helping the motorcyclists instead of getting angry on them for crashing his car.

I’m pretty sure this inspiring story showed an example for the community too!

Info via: Facebook | Facebook