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Man Revealing Reason He Dumped Bucket of Faeces On Taiwanese Girl’s Head, Says” It’s My Poop”

Photo credit to China Press

On Sep 19, a 21-year-old Taiwanese girl Ms. C was dumped a bucket of faeces on her head while sitting on a bench in central court Vieshow Cinemas, Taipei. She had no idea who did that but according to the passer-by. They said it’s a man, “not tall”, black outfit and with a mask on.

Photo credit to China Press Following the leads, police finally found “him”. He admitted the wrongdoing. When he was asked the reason for such action. He said because Ms. C teases him for being short. 

According to ETToday, they knew each other 2 or 3months back while drinking in a bar. But after a few drinks, they start to have some argument. Not only a face to face argument, they even leave some bad comments in each other Facebook. He said Ms. C verbally abused him.

The man who is also 21-year-old with no criminal record, staying in San Chong. He brought along the bucket of faeces drove to Song Shan and parked his car, then took a cab to Vieshow Cinemas.

Credit : ETToday

He said the bucket of faeces, contained his own poop, some leftover food, and fermented dirty water. Most likely he will be summoned and the fine will range between TWD1,200 to TWD 6,000 ( RM 170 to RM850).

Moral of the story, mind what you say because you might hurt others on a whole different level that you can’t even imagine!

Info via China Press