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Myvi Loses Control Crashes Into Restaurant, As Woman Narrowly Escapes Death

Photo credit to Cheras Ampang News Group


A lost control Myvi crashed into a pillar and then slammed into a table outside a restaurant where a woman was having her meal. Before came to a stop, the Myvi also crashed a car parked at the roadside. The woman was lucky enough to escape death but the table was not that lucky.

The incident happened in Taman Yulek, Cheras ( KL) nearby a restaurant.

According to a Facebook page ” Cheras Ampang News Group“, the Myvi seems like losing control. Firstly, it crashed into a pillar and just within seconds, the car slammed into a table which was outside a restaurant.

A woman was having a meal at that moment. Luckily enough she managed to get away during the crash and suffered light injuries while the table where she had her meal was rolled underneath the Myvi. Couldn’t imagine what will happen if she didn’t move fast enough.

Before the lost control Myvi came to a stop, it also crashed into a BMW which parked at the roadside.

Some kindhearted passerby can be seen stopped by and to help the poor lady.

美女在外用餐被车撞 发生在蕉赖友力花园#Myvi又闯祸

Posted by FTopNews 新闻最前线 on Ahad, 27 September 2020

Info via Cheras Ampang News Group