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Nando’s Facebook Post About Hari Raya And CNY Shows They Are Tired Of 2020!

Photo credit to  Nando's | devianart

Let’s be honest 2020 is not the best year! With the pandemic, most of us are tired of the whole drama~ Apparently, Nando’s caused an uproar in social media after posting a celebratory for Hari Raya, even though it already passed!

Credit: Nando’s

The whole thing garnered over 5.9 K likes and 3K shares. People are confused with the sudden act from Nando’s. To make it more shocking, they also recently posted a celebratory message for Chinese New Year too!

Credit: Nando’s

This post also garnered around 7.3K likes and 3K shares. A lot of people speculated that it just their marketing strategy but some people just enjoy the drama that Nando’s caused in the comments!

Netizen’s Responses

▼People definitely enjoy this and even play around by giving photo of them ‘celebrating’ the two festivals!


▼Another brands definitely comes in the comment and joined the drama~


▼Aunties and Uncle is shaking because they have to give angpau and duit Raya!

▼Time travel goes wrong, I guess?

▼Nando’s probably tired with 2020, that is why!

▼Umm.. Nando’s! It’s time to change the browser or wifi~

▼It’s not stupid if it works like a magic~

▼Am I dreaming or just wake up from a coma?

▼It’s okay, Nando’s, just do it, we will send the help that you need!

2020 definitely a stressful year, guess some laugh is necessary!

Info via Nando’s