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Netizens Outraged by Deputy Finance Minister Accusing Veveonah Faking Her Exam

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Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri has deleted his Facebook post on Sep 7 criticizing university student Veveonah Mosibin that climbing a tree to get an internet connection and accusing her of faking her online examination for the sake of publicity.

Credit : Twitter

In the deleted post, Abdul Rahim Bakri says that he was curious and felt that Veveonah had a hidden motive after she uploaded the video on YouTube for the whole world to watch.

Abdul Rahim ended the post by saying that, as she is still young, she is bound to make mistakes as she is inexperienced and has a lot of shortcomings.

Credit : Malaysiakini

The post garnered thousands of comments within a few hours, most netizens were fuming and called for his resignation for what was described as bullying the young university student.

Rahim had claimed that there was no final exam held online by UMS during that time, and it was just a “normal online lecture”, saying he got the information from a lecturer, whom he did not name.

He said he had also instructed his officer to get details on Veveonah’s family background and living conditions, and found out that she had been living in a town at the time, not their village.

“So what I don’t understand here is how can she claim that she lives in Kg Sapatalang when they don’t even have a house there?” he said in his FB post.

When she first came to fame in June, Veveonah had already explained that they were living with relatives while waiting for their house to be rebuilt.

She had chosen to stay in the village to help her parents on their farm, as they were not working due to the movement control order (MCO) imposed since March to combat the COVID-10 pandemic.

Credit: Malay mail

According to The Star, Rahim’s post came after Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin had earlier Monday named him as his source for telling the Dewan Negara last Friday (Sept 4) that Veveonah did not have exams on the day she uploaded her treetop video and was merely trying to garner YouTube views.

When that news broke on Sept 4, a few students posted on social media saying that they were her course-mates and they were indeed having an exam that time in June and UMS also confirmed that Veveonah is their student and she was taking the exam on that particular time.

This led to Zahidi posting an apology on Facebook, saying that he had been given the wrong information and would clear the air with the Dewan Negara on Monday.

Credit : Facebook

Instead, he held a press conference outside the Dewan Negara, in which he named Rahim as the source of his information.

Veveonah, for her part, has not been contactable since her last video was uploaded about a week ago.

Most netizens are rooting for Veveonah. Check out the comments:

Info via The Star